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Wikipedia Offline

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Manuel Schneider

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Wikimedia CH

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Ever wondered how to use Wikipedia outside the internet? On your mobile device, your notebook while travelling or at an African school which has no internet access?

That's what the openZIM team is working on: Bringing together technology with standards, content hoster with content publishers. Wikimedia Foundation and projects such as Wikipedia 1.0 are working on this to have a standardized technology to exchange contents in an efficient way with unlimited types of offline devices.

openZIM is an open source project which has developed software, a library and tools that work, but there are still interesting challenges to solve. Current milestones are the content selection process brought into MediaWiki (Collection Extension is the start here) and thoughts about offline editing / commenting.

We want to invite you to our session to make yourself familiar with the openZIM tools and techniques and to discuss the current roadmap. If you plan to bring Wikipedia offline on your cellphone, produce a Wikipedia CD/DVD, travel in Africa to equip schools with classroom servers or if you are technically interested in the programming issues then you are in the right session.

As preperation and a better overview for the audience I recommend to see my last year's lecture at Wikimania in Buenos Aires:

This already explains what openZIM is and tells its history.

The underlying problems discussed last year have been solved now. This year we should talk about integration and adoption. I can provide explanations and solutions to the technical problems around storing and retrieving the content and talk about our ideas on integration, but I am also interested in networking with the interested audience to discuss different ways for integration and find new adopters.

It seems to be a useful and working solution / extension for the technical problems disucssed in these projects that have also submitted to this Wikimania:

While these submissions focus on other areas of the offline wiki aspect, I think they are all parts of a great solution when put together.

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