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Blue note - MediaWiki for enterprises
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Markus Glaser
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Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH
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A lot of companies use MediaWiki for internal knowledge management. Yet, there are some differences compared to Wikipedia in the organizational context and knowledge. There are external hierarchies, the environment is more formal and sometimes there is even the obligation to contribute. While some of these constraints are not easy to overcome (and not apt to foster a wiki), some others might be remedied.
Blue note is a set of extensions for MediaWiki which is designed to facilitate the use in enterprise environments. Among other things, it includes a new skin with dynamic information and a flexible navigation concept. Also there is improved editing support with a WYSIWYG-editor and several assistants for linking various sources. There are some additional communication features like a blog and a shoutbox. Interaction among authors is encouraged by displaying pictures of the authors of each article. For site maintainers, there is a centralized administration page for users.
The set of features as well as the new skin design are the result of a three years’ experience with using MediaWiki in medium to large enterprises. It is adapted to the needs of these companies and their way of implementing and using the wiki for knowledge management. There are four major use cases: glossary, intranet, handbooks and project documentation.
My talk will cover these use cases in detail and analyze the differences between wiki use in the wild and wikis in enterprise contexts. I will show how Blue note is designed to account for these differences. Of course, a presentation of Blue note is part of the talk.
Blue note free is currently in beta stage and will be available for public testing until Wikimania. It will be released under GPL.

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Blue note

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