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An interdisciplinary approach to Wikipedia: literary criticism, linguistics, anthropology, and sociolinguistic research.
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J. Gustavo Góngora (User:Góngora)
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Uruguay, but I'm currently living in Spain.
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UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), Amical.
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Me on
One of the aims of this dissertation is to explain briefly how Wikipedia has fulfilled a crucial role in minor cultures. For the introduction, I would like to include and to praise, if allowed to do so, two great pioneer examples of what has become a worldwide phenomenon. When I was thinking of it, two ideas immediately came to my mind, one of them was, “Is Wikimedia the legacy of a Poststructuralist movement?” Authors and proficient thinkers such as Barthes and Foucault advocated for the end of what can be understood as the author-text connection. No more authors, no more copyrighted work to claim rights on it. What it really matters after all is the text. This was primarily exposed in the 1980s in essays such as The Death of the Author and What is the Author? Roland Barthes held that the reader (the recipient) begins with the metaphorical death of the author. I am convinced that their points of view, even if summarized for the purpose of this introduction, shaped, indirectly, what Wikimedia is about.
Then, I would like to comment on some interdisciplinary approach to the project. My emphasis will be on the linguistic/literary field of the humanities, and then, to finish with, a brief sociolinguistic study to show how Wikipedia has helped to shape, to enrich and to make different varieties of a same language coexist. A brief survey would consist on analyzing a few samples of articles in more than one language, compare, and contrast significant and important linguistic variations which will eventually reflect the scope of outreach of Wikipedia, since this research will be based on geographical and idiolectal varieties of their editors.
Finally, the study of Wikipedia can be undertaken as an anthropological concern. In this sense, there is much to say on Levy-Strauss and, more specifically, on how the well-known Saussure’s concept of signifier/signified can be reflected on Wikipedia (Fusions, redirections, conventions of style, etc.)
As you all may see, the aim of this proposal is to make a brief and general survey on how the humanities can be applied to a concise analysis of this worldwide phenomenon and also how Wikimedia sister projects have opened a very new field of investigation.
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Knowledge and Collaboration
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This investigation is based on my field of study, English Philology, and on my own experience as a Wikimedian.

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